An Atom Feed Apology

Doubly embarrassing for having now messed up both of my feeds.

Assumed Audience: people who are annoyed that all my feed items just showed up in their readers again. I’m really sorry, everyone.

Stop me if you’ve heard this before: I made a mistake in setting up the Atom feed for this site, specifically around the IDs. A bunch of you probably just got a bunch of feed items in your reader again, and this post just exists as a spot for me to say I’m very sorry!” — because I am. It’s extremely annoying when that happens.

This was just a dumb mistake that was easily fixed, but it meant the IDs were fragile. I found it because I realized the titles were rendering badly in the mailing list I have set up for this feed. It’s fixed now, and hopefully — hopefully! — this is the last time for the life of this implementation that you’ll hear anything from me about these feeds!